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The Civil Society E-Library  (CSE) is intended to provide easily accessible, user-friendly and well-organized information and reports about Bermuda social conditions that will support research and analysis, as well as facilitate communication and support decision-making for service providers, policy makers and the general public. It is managed in the spirit of a community-based project to educate and inform, and is not intended to provide professional level library, research or analysis services. The collection was developed as a collaborative effort of the Bermuda Civil Society Project (donors and non-profits), the Action Collaborative (government and non-profit agencies) and the Coalition for Community Activism in Bermuda (a civil society organization). This website was funded by the BCSP and CCAB and on-going resources will be required to support the administration of the site.

Operating Principles:

  1. Collaboration and partnerships are required to facilitate communication and access to relevant information for the full benefit of the entire community
  2. Quality and standards of information are important to ensure that decision-making is fully informed.
  3. Inclusiveness and transparency support mutual respect of diverse opinions and honest sharing of essential information about our community.
  4. Innovation and leadership represent opportunities for learning and development in the areas of research, information analysis and evidence-based decision-making.

General Information:

The Civil Society E-Library (CSE) includes both current and historical documents (particularly from the 1950’s, 1960’s and 1970’s) in order to provide a context for the development of social conditions in Bermuda. The CSE aims to have a balanced collection covering the full range of topics contained in the Classification for Community Organizations In Bermuda, likely reaching 350 – 400 documents. Gaps may exist where we are unable to access certain documents or where authors were unwilling to share information.
All documents are vetted by volunteer teams of three individuals from various non-profit groups on a rotating cycle prior to uploading, primarily to ensure that slanderous or libelous documents are not included. While we make every effort to secure permission prior to uploading documents, please feel free to advise us if you believe further permission is required or that a document should be removed from the site.  Any concerns should be directed to 292-2780.  All documents will be in PDF format.  
Researchers, academics, non-profit groups, government departments and community organizations are urged to submit reports or studies to the CSE for wide dissemination to the community. Data is welcomed on the CSE, however users are advised that it must be in the form of a PDF report which means it will be static, stand alone information rather than part of a dynamic database format. This will facilitate information sharing, but not higher level analysis of the information.   
Please refer to Guidelines for Users for further information and to the Agreement to Submit Information which includes instructions for submitting documents.

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